We do use a lot of gym based equipment in what we do some

HUW: That’s exactly what I want to encourage people to do and take away with them. We do use a lot of gym based equipment in what we do some broom handles, elastic bands, medicine balls but we won’t perhaps use this equipment for exactly what it was intended for; we’ll adapt them to help young kids learn how to perfect technique. You don’t need to spend vast sums of money on equipment; it’s more important to hone your skills and then gradually increase the load if you want to get really fit and strong in those areas..

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XI Final Exam Result Published Today

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50 Years Celebration Committee Member’s

September 6, 2017September 6, 2017
Dear All, Please have 50 Years Celebration Committee Member's list in attachment. Those who are not included in Committee Member's list requested to contact with Principle Sir for endorsement.

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