People who have no idea about the process of making pictures

Kurt Cagle worked as a member of the SVG Working Group, and wrote one of the first SVG books on the market in 2004. Currently an Invited Expert with the W3C Xforms working group, Kurt Cagle is also XML Data Architect for the Library of Congress, after having worked in that role for the US National Archives. He was a regular contributor to O’Reilly Media since 2003, and an online editor in 2008 2009..

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Ricardo Munoz backed to succeed him on the City Council have joined three other challengers for the council seat in calling for the veteran alderman to step down because he was charged with domestic battery for allegedly attacking his wife on. PoliticsAld. Edward Burke with attempted extortion, some of his fellow City Council members on Thursday expressed hope that the allegations will clear the way for long blocked reforms to how the city does business.

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